You can choose to only work with the web application of a talent pool. You easily communicate jobs, newsletters, events, benefits, and much more to your target audience. In this situation, there are no automatic links between job systems or recruitment systems, but you can post jobs through the admin portal with segmentation possibilities to your target audience.


A talent pool can easily be connected to a VMS so that jobs automatically flow from the VMS to your talent pool. The individuals in your talent pool will be the first to have the opportunity to offer themselves a job. Their candidacy will then flow back to the VMS. In this situation, the application plays the role of a vendor by automatically offering talent into the VMS.

(A Vendor Management System aims to distribute orders for external talent to a pre-selected list of vendors).




An ATS can easily be linked to your talent pool. This way you can post jobs specifically for external talent from the ATS to your talent pool. As follows, you can find the right people faster!


When you have both a VMS and an ATS in your organization, a talent pool can work complementarily to contact immediately available candidates. Vacancies usually come into the ATS first and then, depending on the type of contract, are further handled in the ATS or sent to the VTS for temporary assignments. When there is a vacancy, the most suitable and available candidate is first looked for within your talent pool. After this, the vacancy can be forwarded where needed. This combination of permanent and flexible workforce with a talent pool fits in perfectly with Total Talent Management (TTM).