Lancr Privacy Policy


Cvba Fleggs, hereinafter referred to as Lancr, Cockerillkaai 11 box 16, 2000 Antwerp, registered in the Belgian Central Database of Enterprises under the number 680.739.268 will take the necessary measures to protect your privacy in accordance with the relevant privacy legislation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation. This privacy policy includes information about the reasons why Lancr uses the data, how Lancr handles the data and how the users (User(s)) can exercise their rights. Setting up an account with Lancr implies the agreement of the Users with this privacy policy.



1. Which personal data do we gather and process?


If you as a User set up a personal account on our website and/or through the Lancr application or provide us with your personal details by any other means, we are able to collect and process the following personal information: first name, last name, address, mobile telephone number, industry, VAT number and email address. As a user we can contact you by telephone, by SMS or by email in the context of your subscription. We only share your email address with third parties if you have given your consent to this.



2. Why do we process your personal data?


Your personal data can be used as follows:


- to improve the content of our services and our website;


- to manage your account;


- for our customer administration;


- to carry out market research;


- to manage our website;


- to manage competitions or potential promotional actions.


The Users' personal data can be used by Lancr for the purposes of direct marketing. Lancr can share the Users' personal data with their commercial partners, naturally always with the strict observance of the applicable law. Transfer of personal data outside the EEA may be subject to SCC’s ( We can use your personal data for new objectives that are not yet incorporated in our privacy policy subject to an opt-in. In that case we will contact you before using your data for the new objectives, in order to inform you of the modifications to our rules on the protection of privacy and to offer you the chance to refuse to participate.



3. With whom do we share your personal data?


This personal data is processed by Cvba Fleggs, who is responsible for dealing with the data of a number of companies in Belgium. The User's personal data can be shared with Fleggs' commercial partners.



4. What are your rights?


You have the right to inspect and correct, following a written request. You also always have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and to sharing it with third-parties.


If you provide us with your phone number, you may receive phone calls from us with information about products, services and upcoming promotions. If you provide us with your email address, you may receive emails from us with information about products, services and potential promotions.


You can obtain further information about the protection of your privacy on the website of the Commission for the Protection of Privacy on You are entitled to file a complaint with the Belgian Data Protection Authority if you feel your rights were infringed upon.


We have taken the necessary security measures to prevent the loss, the unauthorised use or the modification of information that we receive through our website.


If you wish to respond to one of the actions described above, you can contact us by letter at the address mentioned about this privacy policy or by email (


Lancr will keep the Users' personal data only as long as necessary to fulfil the objectives described above, as long as the law requires, but no longer than recommended by the privacy commission (Belgian Data Protection Authority). Information that is kept that relates to the necessary administrative follow-up of the registration will be kept for a minimum of three years from the set-up of the account.


Users can, at any time, exercise their right to obtain access to their own personal data, to correct it and to delete it to if necessary in compliance with the applicable law on the protection of personal data. This can also be done by sending a request with a copy of the identity card to the address mentioned above this privacy policy with any clear explanation of the request.