Losing the war for talent?

Improve your retention rate.

Customized mobile app

We build your new benefits platform: an independent mobile app completely in your styling.

Valuable benefits

Offer your workforce awesome deals negotiated by Lancr and upload your own benefits!

Streamline your communication

Use your new benefits platform as a great way to communicate with your workforce: upload articles, invite them for an event...

Great workers deserve great benefits.

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A mobile benefits platform, completely in your branding.

We build your own independent, mobile benefits app by white-labeling the original Lancr app. We turn it completely in your styling, with your colours and logo's.

A wide array of benefits, negotiated by Lancr.

We close partnerships with multiple brands to offer our users the best deals, ranging from interesting startups to well-known A-brands.


Some examples:

  • A fleet discount of your leasing contract
  • A fuel card with a discount per liter
  • Discounts on trainings by Wolters Kluwer
  • All-in bike leasing
  • And more.

A new, innovative way to communicate with your workforce.

Your brand-new benefits platform cannot only be used to offer deals to your workers. You can also post an event or workshop you are organizing, a communication that you want to send or an open vacancy you want to highlight.

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